Request special mail delivery of your McGill diploma

If you did not attend McGill’s Spring 2017 Convocation, use this form to order and pay for special delivery of your McGill University diploma by courier service.

Your diploma will be mailed to the destination address you provide in this form.

You have until Friday, 7 July 2017, inclusive to make your request, after which point, your diploma will be sent by Canada Post regular mail.

If you earned multiple degrees they will be mailed together. You do not need to submit separate orders.

NOTE1: Prior to completing the request and making your payment, you must select a courier provider. The Free Standard Shipping method is not applicable.

NOTE2: By selecting priority handling, you will be charged a $15 fee, in addition to the cost of the mail delivery method selected.

To complete your order you will be required to make a credit card payment. Please have your credit card on hand.


Please complete the following information:

For information about your McGill ID visit IT Knowledgebase (see Important Links)

Specify program or degree as of final term of attendance e.g. Bachelor of Arts (English).

e.g. 1999

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