Request additional copies of McGill diplomas (Third Party)

Request by a third party with signed consent from a McGill graduate for additional or replacement copies of the graduate’s official McGill diploma for personal and/or professional use. A replacement fee is applicable.

Fee includes shipping cost of registered mail

This product is normally processed and shipped within 5-7 business days unless priority handling is specified at checkout.

In accordance with the Quebec Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information, McGill University is required to obtain consent from current and former students in respect of requests for the release of personal Information. All requests for official documents by Third Party must be accompanied by a signed consent from the individual.

Download and complete the authorization template


Please complete the following information:

The student's written consent has been obtained and attached

Letter from former student authorizing release of information:File attachments must be in PDF, 3MB maximum

For information about your McGill ID visit IT Knowledgebase (see Important Links)

Specify program or degree as of final term of attendance e.g. Bachelor of Arts (English).

e.g. 1999

Max: 10
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