Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login?
Password creation and logins are disabled on this site. Please submit your request(s)as a guest.

I cannot see my order details after paying for my order successfully?
Once your payment has been accepted, your order number is presented on-screen, and is also emailed to you along with your order details. Order details are accessible via or order status page.

I did not receive an email confirmation after placing my order. How do I follow up on the status of my order?
Email confirmation of your order is generated automatically once the financial institution has been able to charge your credit card. Please check your email 10-15 minutes after your order is confirmed, making sure to verify your junk mail folder in the event that your service provider flagged the email as SPAM. Please make sure that you provided a valid email account at the time of purchase.

How do I check my order status?
To verify the status of your order, you will need to have your order number and the email address you have used at the time of the purchase. You can check the status of your order here If you do not have your order number, you can contact us here.

What does it mean "order status Completed"?
An order status of Completed means that your order has been process, packaged and is in transit. McGill University is not responsible for transcripts lost or delayed in the mail.

How do I view or print my receipt and order information?
In order to print your receipt, you will need to check your order status page. Your order status page has your order details as well as receipt confirmation.

What other methods of payment are accepted?
Credit Cards are accepted for online payments. If you are located in Montreal, you can visit Service Point in person if you wish to make a debit card payment and place your order. Note that regular processing times apply, and it may not be possible to process your order on the spot.

Why am I being directed to Moneris when checking out?
Moneris is a financial institution responsible for validating Credit Card details and collecting payments for McGill University - Service Point Checkout.

What information is passed on to Moneris?
McGill University – Service Point Checkout only transmits your client number, order total, and the email address you provided during the checkout process. This information is essential to help us track and keep records of your order information.

What is the refund and return policy?
For details regarding checkout our return and refund policy.
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